TRX Suspension Training Straps: The Best In Home Workout To Burn Fat and Strengthen Core (My Review)

Why is TRX Suspension Training so effective…

Although TRX Suspension Training is nothing more than a couple of straps with handles on the end of each strap that you anchor to the ceiling, a door, a tree, a rafter, a beam, your older brother or any secured elevation point, it is unique in that…

…you use your own body weight to train your body on these seven basic movements and adjust your pivot point to increase or decrease the intensity:

  • Pushtrx training review
  • Pull
  • Plank
  • Rotate
  • Hinge
  • Lunge
  • Squat

TRX Suspension Training is used by “everyday Joes” like me, pro-athletes, the US military, and top trainers everywhere.

Suspension Training engages your core even when working arms or legs, improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and heart health.

What I like about the TRX Suspension Training…

ONE PRODUCT…MANY BENEFITS: I can work out my arms, my legs, my chest, my back, my core…everything with 2 simple straps.

QUICK AND EASY SETUP: It is simple and easy to setup. I can set it up in less than 60 seconds. I anchor it off any door or tree branch…really off anything I can find that is secure.

ON THE ROAD, OR ON THE GO: I take it with me when I travel. I can just hang if from the hotel door and I am in business. 

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20 MINUTE WORKOUT: Trust me, 20 minutes is a ton with these straps. When I jump from one exercise to another (circuit training) it doesn’t take long before I am sucking wind and feeling the burn.

What I don’t like…

I haven’t found much that I don’t like about the TRX Suspension Training.

It made me really sore at first, but that is my fault, not the straps.

Be careful when hanging it on a door. Make sure you use a heavy door and try to put the anchor by the hinge. Always try to anchor against the door closing.

If you anchor and pull against the door opening it could break the door.

Final Verdict: Is TRX Suspension Training Worth IT?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line:

You don’t need a home gym to enjoy a total home fitness program. The TRX Suspension Training system provides everything you need to build strength, increase your flexibility, spot-train, and fit in a comprehensive, healthy workout anytime you want, anywhere you want. It is totally worth it.

TRX Suspension Training is for YOU!

If you are like me and sick of the gym idea, if you just don’t have the time or don’t want to spend a ton of money on a home gym order your TRX Straps Now.

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What others are saying

Heather Torrance

I love this set! It’s a much better workout than any other kind I can do at home, and it’s so light and portable. We’re diplomats, so we have to travel a lot, and I hate missing a workout!

Tamy Sullivan

So Happy with my TRX Home Gym ! I have taken it to the park to work out and of course at home and I just love it ! So many workouts available!!

Dave Cowan

Great System! At first glance it seems pricey but when you receive the home gym and look at the quality and think about the engineering and thought behind the system it is worth every penny. Unfortunately all of the doors in my house are oriented in such a way that I can not use the door hanger and had to install a ceiling bracket instead, not the systems fault just bad luck. I will be using the door hanger when traveling.

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TRX Suspension Training F.A,Q.

Q: Where to buy the TRX Suspension Training Straps?

A: You can buy TRX directly through this link

Q: What kind of workouts can I do with TRX Straps?

A: Check out some of the other pages on this site for workout ideas.

Q: I haven’t exercised in years, where do I start?

A: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The important thing is to take action. Start by ordering your TRX Straps Here and just follow the workout guide that comes with it.

Good luck, and here’s to a happy and HEALTHY life!


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